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If you are looking for the best football picks available online, you've come to the right place. Our expert handicappers have been covering college football and the NFL with tremendous success for over a decade. We invite you to check out each one of our experts and their documented results to find out which best fits your needs this fall.

On this site you will not only have access to the best handicappers available, but you can also get the latest information, news, trends, matchups, and stats to help you handicap the upcoming football games for this weekend. Our staff is committed to bringing you the very best information and researches the top sportsbooks and handicappers in the industry so you can make money betting both college and NFL football this fall. Each week our handicapping services will be providing free picks to help you get ahead with your wagering, but the real money is to be made with the premium NFL and college football picks that they offer. These games are the best bets on the board and will help you cash in big this fall.

Take a look below at who have been the best overall handicappers this calendar year. You can also click on the links in the menu to scroll to the best handicappers in each sport. Obviously if you are looking for help for a specific game, I highly recommend taking a look at the top five names on the leaderboard for that sport. They have proven themselves to be winners during the course of the season.

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Service Units ROI Pct WL
Marc Lyle +4951.0 +16.4% 64.8% 151-82
Don Anthony +3850.0 +5.5% 55.0% 332-272
Stephen Nover +3703.0 +10.9% 58.0% 175-127
Info Plays +2750.0 +4.8% 53.9% 278-238
Rick Doane +2286.0 +4.2% 53.8% 260-223
Rocky Sheridan +2213.0 +3.0% 51.3% 350-332
GamePlan +1172.0 +1.5% 52.5% 363-329
Brian Hay +1041.0 +3.7% 53.6% 133-115
R&R Totals +718.0 +1.9% 52.9% 176-157
Mikey Sports +482.0 +1.5% 52.5% 155-140
John Ryan +422.0 +0.7% 51.4% 265-251
Mike Lineback +353.0 +2.1% 53.7% 72-62
Jordan Haimowitz +347.0 +0.8% 52.5% 186-168
Red Dog Sports +315.0 +1.6% 52.0% 91-84