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Larry Cook commenced Info Plays many years ago and he's been taking the handicapping world by storm ever since. He started betting on football back in the early 80's, but fought at first to discover the gambling game inside and out. After a few years he had produced a few systems that aided him to make his living exclusively through his handicapping. He has done most of his damage throughout his career with football picks that beat the football lines on a consistent basis.

Larry set up his Info Plays service to help the tons of sports wagerers that he has personally viewed lose money wagering on games. He wants his picks to contact as wide of an audience as achievable and uses the online world to do so. We are glad to offer his 20+ years of experience in the industry, over which he has established to be a winner over the long haul. If you give him a try first-hand we know you won't be disappointed since he rarely goes through a drop and when he does it's normally short-lived.

One of the things wagerers seem to lust for is the 10* InfoPlay published by Mr. Cook nearly each single day. Over the last 10 years these picks have won at nearly a 60% rate in each sport, even though his MLB predictions rely to a great extent on underdogs and not sizeable favorites. Winning at a rate like that is not easy, but he works hard and has the knowledge to know good lines from bad. After reading Larry's writeups on the games he has selected you'll understand just why he likes the play and considers it's worth a stake. You'll see why he has won many handicapping titles and has been rated in the Top 10 in all the major sports. If you get signed up today you can start winning immediately, so let the Info Plays team exhibit to you how easy sports wagering can really be if you know what you are doing.