Tony George's Football Picks

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Tony George is one of the most uniform and most respected cappers in the business. Based in Kansas City, MO, previously of Lincoln , NE, George began his business in 1992 with the mindset that capping games shouldn't be immune from ethical behavior. George's regular firm dedicates itself solely to winning and places outlooks high. George has constantly been a recognized "controlled action junkie." An All-State athlete in 3 sports and a football player in Div. II, George has a great sixth sense into sports like few master handicappers do. His beginning big break came in 1991, when he took home in a small contest at the Horseshoe in Las Vegas after one of the Binion's encouraged him to enter. Soon other bettors commenced to inquire about his football picks. George got his phone service and shortly after he observed himself in the top ten of Jack Stewart's Sportswatch, one of the beginning handicapper monitoring services. George became one of the first handicapping services to sell a pick on the Internet when he set up online in 1995. Radio is what marks George aside from most handicapping services. He's come out on different radio shows. Tony is also emcee of the nationally syndicated "The American Outdoorsman Radio Show", as he is an enthusiastic Hunter and Fisherman in his spare time. Finally it's the outcomes that support the players coming back and George - who picks the pro games - features some of the most awe-inspiring numbers in the business. His firm, which has been placed in the top 10 in different sports 36 times at distinct sports monitors since 1996 and he won the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge in the NFL in 2003, placed 6th in the Golden Nugget contest in Vegas in 2005, and placed 4th in the Reserve Casino Contest in Vegas in 2002. George and his staff also are acknowledged in the sports handicapping industry as "The Big Game Hunters" with a record of 31-12 for their "Games of the Year," which is almost unequaled in the industry. There is one in every sport, each season, so watch for them! Tony's forte includes the Big 12 conference, which he is widely recognized for his prowess (Over 63% ATS since 1992 to date). He is also well tuned to the Missouri Valley in hoops with a win rate of 65% ATS combined from 2003-2007. Money management is significant to George, who unit rates every last pick to make sure even the beginner sports wagerer has a way to maximize gains and minimize losses. George uses situational analysis and power numbers in a system that has verified to be very consistent. On moneyline wagers Tony never lays more than -150 on any pick. A trouble free approach with 17 years of experience and an excellent reputation, George offers verified solutions for all who invest in his wares. Put one of the most well acknowledged and distinctive cappers in the nation to work for you daily.