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All Sports Sides (+11190)  1926-1596  L3522 55%

Basketball Picks (+9922)  979-812  L1791 55%

NBA Picks (+9013)  564-437  L1001 56%

MLB Money Lines (+5000)  574-433  L1007 57%

NCAA-B Sides (+2277)  338-291  L629 54%

Football Sides (+1395)  152-125  L277 55%

NCAA-F Picks (+1309)  108-87  L195 55%

NFL Sides (+1269)  26-12  L38 68%

NFLX Totals (+200)  13-10  L23 57%

Steve Merril is often believed by many to be as the greatest football betting analysts in the world. He credits his history of winning to practicing a variety of different handicapping techniques such as statistical analysis, trends and systems, and fundamentals such as matchups and emotion. By relying on handicapping methods, Steve proceeds to beat the odds on a consistent basis in both NCAA and professional football, basketball, and baseball. Steve was the first individual to ever win the reputable $100,000 Insiders Handicapping Invitational and his unmatched knowledge and understanding of the gambling industry is what separates him from other handicapping services. Steve has spent the past 15 years studying the numbers and probabilities associated with all configurations of gambling such as poker, casino games, and even stocks. Steve has transferred this unequaled knowledge and understanding of statistics and probabilities into the sports world, which has enabled him to profit on a consistent basis. The most favorite part of Steve Merril�s award-winning predictions is how he endorses each game with a full detailed account and analysis. You get a strong pick, plus the reason why the play will win. This includes elaborated statistical analysis and Steve�s powerful team trends and systems. You will be educated while you earn with Steve Merril�s daily selections as each report is packed full of detailed information. Sign up today with the most knowledgeable handicapping expert in the industry and make more money than ever before by betting on his football picks.