College Football Odds & Betting Lines

We welcome you to our live college football odds feed with lines from five of the top sportsbooks in the world.  But our database isn't solely directed to NCAA football.  We also provide live NFL odds from these top online sportsbooks to help you find the best lines available each week.  Getting an understanding for football odds is very important because if you can watch the line movements, sometimes you can get an edge on your book when it comes to football betting.  Also, it is a great idea to sign up for a few different books because when you can save a point or a half a point here or there, it can be the difference between a wining wager and a losing one.

College football odds really move more than pro football lines.  That's because it is harder for oddsmakers to set lines for NCAA Football than it is for them to set NFL odds.  That's also a reason why it's usually easier to win more consistently on the college gridiron, at least it is for the good football handicappers because they can pick out errors my oddsmakers more easily in this sport.  Check out all of our handicappers and get yourself signed up for football picks at can't-beat prices.  If you want a little sample of what you can expect to receive, then take a look at the football free picks that our handicappers release each day.

We hope this live odds feed proves to be very useful to you, the bettor.  Simply click on the set of odds that you want to bet on and it will take you directly to that sportsbook so you can get your wagers in right away.  These are the same set of odds our handicappers get to choose from every day.  If you are having a hard time finding a football betting system that works for you, then simply give our handicappers a try and you will win and learn a few tips in the process.