Vernon Croy's Football Picks

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Vernon Croy is one of the most honored cappers in the industry and he has been very uniform at cashing in for his members throughout his prestigious career in all sports. (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA). Croy has made his living wagering on sports since 1992 and has been one of the top cappers in the business for 10+ years. Vernon utilizes his expertise and years of sports-related knowledge on every selection he releases irrespective of whether it is a free or guaranteed selection. He spends many hours a day examining line trends and gambling situations in order to give his customers an edge over the books. That edge is sharpened by many of his own betting systems which he successfully employs to assure his clients see a boost to their bottom line year after year.

Contending against more than 40 top handicappers, Vernon has had multiple Top-5 and Top-10 finishes in all major and minor sports in the Professional Handicappers League (PHL). Vernon Croy was the 2004/05 top NBA handicapper for the regular season and also the WNBA handicapping champion for the 2004/05 season. Vernon is one of the best NBA and college hoops handicappers in the business and he has been for years producing consistent profits for his customers on a daily basis. Vernon Croy knows each of the basketball teams inside and out and he uses his private basketball systems along with years of basketball knowledge on every play he makes.

Vernon Croy is also recognized in the industry as one of the best NHL handicappers in the business garnering his dime customers over $100,000 in the 2006/07 season.

Vernon Croy is also accepted as one of the best football handicapping services picking apart the sportsbooks lines during the NFL and NCAAF season while also cashing in on some big moneyline dogs. During the football and basketball seasons Vernon selects several moneyline dogs along with solid point spread plays which have won for years at a very high percentage. Vernon Croy lives for discovering mistakes in the bookies football odds and he capitalizes on them finding some during the basketball and football seasons that build his clients bankrolls rapidly. Vernon Croy has had many big wins during his 10 year professional career. He also offers winning free football picks each week to our readers.

Vernon Croy has also always stood out with his MLB picks finding value in the odds each day and he never gives out a favorite over -150 in any sport. Vernon Croy believes that gambling on the MLB is the best way to build up your stash for the coming football season as he issues several great value MLB predictions that hit on a very consistent basis. Croy is an MLB expert since he knows these teams like nobody else and baseball has been his passion from a young age. He grew up on the diamond and played competitive baseball all summer long, some of Croy's teammates went on to the Major Leagues.

Vernon Croy covers all major and minor sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB and WNBA with occasional UFC Picks. On average Vernon will release 1 to 5 plays per day which vary in each sport but he does not force plays so if there is nothing solid in the NFL for example there will not be a play for that day. Plays are rated 1-5 stars with the exception of two 10 Star Game of the Year plays in each sport. 1 Star Play is reserved for Free Plays, 2 Star Plays are reserved for System Plays and Oddsmakers Oversight Plays, 3 Star Plays are reserved for Top System Plays, Legendary Bookie Buster Plays and all Smash Plays, 4 Star Plays are reserved for Game of the Week Plays, 5 Star Plays are reserved for Game of the Month Plays, 10 Star Plays are reserved for Game of the Year Plays (Maximum two GOY's in each sport per season).

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