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Rocketman has a 3* NHL play for Saturday! 97-67 59% MLB RUN! 81-40 67% football run! 33-11 75% FB run!  11-3 79% last six weeks in CFB reg season in 2013! 73% in CFB this year and 64% in NFL TY!
Rocketman Sports 3* NHL Winner Saturday!

Rocketman cashed last night with Troy in CFB action!  We are SMOKING hot!  Rocketman has a 3* NHL Winner for Saturday!  Known as the Down South Hockey Guru, you don't want to miss this play today!  65.6% last 60 days with all premium picks in all sports!

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Last year I posted all my Bowl opinions on my homepage for all. You all documented me going 23-10 70% with my Bowl Opinion plays two years ago and 22-13 63% last year with all my bowl picks! Get all Bowl opinions and all my BIG Bowl plays for only $99 this year! That's 45-23 66% last 2 years with my pick on every bowl game!

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Rocketman Sports NHL 2014-2015 Season Package

Rocky Atkinson absolutely crushed the NHL two years ago as he cleared +138.35 units of profit! That means $100 players made $13,835 and DIME players made $138,350 in the NHL alone. Rocky has won 10 of 13 years in the NHL in his handicapping career. Two years ago Rocky was by far the #1 NHL Handicapper anywhere. Rocky cashed huge with +200 and +300 underdogs all season long. Rocky does not play any favorite over -150. Get on board now and WIN BIG this year! We look to regain our #1 NHL Ranking!

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One day NFL of Rocky Atkinson

One day NFL of Rocky Atkinson

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Rocketman Sports NFL Season Package
Rocketman's Early Bird NFL Full Season package offer. Get every premium play from the Preseason to the Super Bowl. Rocketman has won 10 of 14 years in the NFL including hitting 68% in 2006-2007!

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NHL Picks (+5261)  319-299  L618 52%

All Sports Picks (+3803)  1550-1441  L2991 52%

Football Picks (+3472)  75-37  L112 67%

NCAA-B Picks (+3428)  264-212  L476 55%

NCAA-F Picks (+2929)  73-40  L113 65%

Basketball Picks (+2374)  419-366  L785 53%

NFLX Picks (+825)  27-17  L44 61%

MLB Picks (+489)  68-55  L123 55%

Rocketman's Betting Philosophy: He applies his own special power rankings for the different sports along with breakdown trends, stats and line value. He takes varying approaches for every sport he picks. He focus on winning over the long haul. You're not going to cash in each day, every week or even each month. If you stick to his predictions exactly as he releases them, you will make a good long term increase in your bankroll in all sports and that has been verified with his final results over and over again. Also, don't blank out how central money management and discipline is in making cash in this line of work.

Achievments in Sports Handicapping: He was the top documented "Overall Handicapper" in 2004 at Professional Handicappers League. He was part of a team of experts that finished No. 2 in the renowned Las Vegas Hilton NFL Superbook Contest in 2003, taking $83,300 - and finishing a point out of the winner's circle. He has also had quite a few top place finishes in diverse sports and many another Top 5 and Top 10 finishes at different monitors.

Most Unforgettable Experiences: He won 17 NBA games in a row a couple of years ago.

Biggest Career Win: He feels like every win is important. Back in 1998, Denver began the year off 13-0. Denver then had to head to the NY Giants whose record was 5-8 at the time. Denver was installed as 12 1/2 point road chalk. He told his clients that the NY Giants would win over Denver flat and they won the game by the score of 20-16. After it was released, he doesn't remember ever having so many clients call him asking him if he had lost it but he won once again.

Hardest Loss: He had a huge selection on Tampa Bay on Monday Night Football a couple of years back and they were playing Peyton Manning and the Colts. The Bucs had a huge cushion of around 17 points or so and squandered it and the cover with less than four minutes to go.

Popular Team(s) to Take or Fade: He really doesn't have a preferred team to play or go against. During the season you will find teams to take or to fade until the sportsbooks figure things out. Everyday gives you a particular chance and you never know if you will have several picks or pass until the card is handicapped thoroughly.

What You Can Expect: He is very particular with my premium selections. He researchs the entire card before finding the games that make a profit. He is one of the few honest handicappers in a business filled with scammers. His power to pick winners consistently is unrivaled and follow his lead you will maximize your profits.