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55-33 MLB RUN! 10-6 L16 NFL! ROD has a TOP CFB for SAT and TOP NFL PLAY for SUN. 43-27 61% L70 CFB PLAYS! 101-79 L180 FB PLAYS! 3-4 IN NFL and 4-4 IN CFB TY. Quality, Not Quantity, is how to make the BIG BUCKS!
Pure Lock TOP CFB PLAY SATURDAY! *26-17 61% Last 43 CFB PLAYS!*

Pure Lock has Our TOP CFB PLAY ready for SATURDAYRODNEY has A LIFETIME RECORD Above 60% IN CFB and even turned a PERFECT 100% (14-0) CFB regular season back in 2006. ROD has had only ONE Losing Season in CFB since he began his service back in 2000! (THAT WAS LY) WE GET BACK ON TRACK as SAN DIEGO STATE Covers For us last Weekend which brings Our CFB Mark to a Dead Even 4-4 Record this Season. (TRUST ME, WE WILL COME OUT ON TOP!) 82-53 61% LAST SEVEN (+) Years In College Football! 26-17 61% LAST TWO (+) YEARS IN CFB! 14-4 78% TWO Years ago in CFB! 41-25 62% Last 66 OVERALL TOP FOOTBALL PLAYS! 58-41 59% with all TOP FOOTBALL PLAYS Last TWO (+) YEARS! 25-16 61% With all TOP FOOTBALL PLAYS Last Year. If Quality is what you are looking for, look no further and Join Pure Lock Today!

*This package includes 1 NCAA-F pick

Pure Lock TOP NFL PLAY SUNDAY! *10-6 63% Last 16 NFL PLAYS!*

Pure Lock has OUR TOP NFL PLAY ready for SUNDAY. RODNEY is now 41-25 62% Last 66 OVERALL TOP FOOTBALL PLAYS! ROD finished above 70% THREE years ago in NFL! 58-41 59% with all TOP FOOTBALL PLAYS Last TWO (+) YEARS! *RED HOT* 7-2 78% to end Last YEAR in NFL! 3-4 START IN NFL THIS YEAR. 10-6 63% Last 16 NFL PLAYS! 25-16 61% With all TOP FOOTBALL PLAYS Last Year. 95-79 (+828.0 UNITS) LAST 174 OVERALL FOOTBALL TOP PLAYS! If Quality is what you are looking for, look no further and Join Pure Lock Today!

*This package includes 1 NFL pick

All Sports Daily Package
This package gets you every single one of Pure Lock's releases for the particular day that you subscribe, including all Game of the Week, Month, and Year plays. You'll profit or tomorrow is on the house!

No picks available.

Pure Lock Three Day All Sports Pack
This is Pure Lock's weekend package that many clients will grab on Friday to get all of his winners through the weekend at a discounted price! You'll want this package every weekend of the football season! 100% GUARANTEED-TO-PROFIT or the next 3 days are on the house!

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One Week All Sports - 7 Day Subscription!
Looking for some great value? Pick up a weekly package and get SEVEN DAYS full days of picks! It's easy to see why this is one of the most popular choices on the site. You will profit or get an extra 7 days FREE!

*This subscription includes 2 Picks (1 NCAA-F, 1 NFL)

Pure Lock's 1 Month All Sport Package
You can get all of Pure Lock's releases in every sport for an entire month with this package!

*This subscription includes 2 Picks (1 NCAA-F, 1 NFL)

One Month of Pure Lock - 30 Day Subscription
Get all of Pure Lock's Award-Winning picks for 1 month! Give Pure Lock 30 days and he'll have your bankroll in better shape than its ever been in. 100% GUARANTEED to show you a profit or next month is on Pure Lock!

*This subscription includes 2 Picks (1 NCAA-F, 1 NFL)

Pure Lock 3 Month All Sports - 90 Day Subscription
Get every single one of Pure Lock's releases, including all special Game of the Month and Game of the Year selections at a heavily discounted price with this great value package. Save yourself money you could be using for your wagers by signing up for a long term package. You'll profit or the next 90 days are FREE!

*This subscription includes 2 Picks (1 NCAA-F, 1 NFL)

Six Months All Sports - 180 Days of Picks!
This six month package entitles you to every pick Pure Lock releases for 180 days! This package is great for players that want every selection in every sport for an extended period of time and for those players that want a HUGE discount on a long-term subscription. This package is 100% GUARANTEED to profit or the next six months is yours FREE!

*This subscription includes 2 Picks (1 NCAA-F, 1 NFL)

Pure Lock All Sports 1 Year Subscription
For the best overall value, the 1 year package is a NO-BRAINER! There isn't a sport Pure Lock takes off, why let your sportsbook off the hook at any point? You'll hit all of Pure Lock's HOT STREAKS and GAME OF THE YEAR Winners. Maximize your profits by playing every day of the year! 100% Guaranteed-to-profit of next year is FREE!

*This subscription includes 2 Picks (1 NCAA-F, 1 NFL)

Pure Lock's College Football Season package
Pure Lock is 46-26 65% last 4 years in College Football. Pure Lock is known for quality and not quantity! Usually plays only one CFB play per week. Had one season where Pure Lock went a perfect 100% in the regular season! Pure Lock has had only one season in CFB below 60%! Invest in this program today!

*This subscription includes 1 NCAA-F pick

College Basketball Season Subscription! of Pure Lock
Cash in on every single play this handicapper releases in college basketball for the entire season! Sign up now and get every single one of his releases right up and through the Final Four!

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NBA + CBB Season Pass! of Pure Lock
If you want to win more money in basketball this season then you are NOT going to want to miss out on a single play this handicapper releases on the hardwood. With this subscription you will get EVERY NBA and CBB play released this season, NO EXCEPTIONS!

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NBA Season Subscription of Pure Lock
Get every single selection released by this handicapper in the NBA over the course of the ENTIRE season! That is every side, every total and every top play through the end of the NBA Finals!

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MLB Season Subscription of Pure Lock
Get every single play from now until the last game of the World Series for one low price! Don't miss a single winner on the diamond and watch your profits increase throughout the season!

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NFL & CFB Season Pass of Pure Lock
Get EVERY football selection made by this handicapper for the ENTIRE season! Don't miss out on a single college football or NFL pick released this year for ONE LOW PRICE!

*This subscription includes 2 Picks (1 NCAA-F, 1 NFL)

FULL Season NFL Subscription of Pure Lock
Follow for the rest of the NFL season with this FULL season pro football pass! Get every big game, including all picks through the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl at one low price!

*This subscription includes 1 NFL pick


Top NCAA-B Picks (+1420)  112-91  L203 55%

NCAA-F Picks (+872)  38-27  L65 58%

Football Picks (+828)  95-79  L174 55%

Basketball Picks (+820)  37-27  L64 58%

NBA Picks (+420)  18-13  L31 58%

Pure Lock came out back in 2000 with the idea that superior picks should be desired over picking lots of games at a lower rate. This capper normally has only one NFL pick and a single NCAA football selection per week and will only take on a single selection in MLB, the NBA, and NCAA basketball every day, if he plays anything. Pure Lock has had only one year where his NCAA football selections were below 60% and even turned a perfect 100% NCAA football regular season back in 2006. Pure Lock has had only one season below 60% in the NFL also. If quality football picks are what you are looking for, sign up for Pure Lock!

Pure Lock thrives in college football, where he is 34-18 over the past three years, but in the NFL he commands too, going 27-18 (60%) during the last three years. You will consistently find his service on the leaderboards for top winning percentages. If you are a discriminating bettor that really likes to load up on a couple of games per week with your football betting, then this is the service that you really need to try. Nobody does a better job of winning with a small card than Pure Lock does.