NFL Betting

Not sure where to do your NFL betting this season? That’s okay, I have taken the time to give you our highest rated sportsbooks. With these sportsbooks you will receiveĀ  reliable NFL odds and outstanding service that will have you wondering why you weren’t using these sites all along.

5Dimes – With reduced juice on most football games there’s really no excuse not to have an account with 5Dimes!

Bookmaker: If you are serious about betting on the NFL or any sport for that matter, you need to get an account at Bookmaker. They pretty much run the show when it comes to setting the NFL lines each week, as other sportsbooks won’t even put lines out till Bookmaker does. That means with an account at Bookmaker you will get the odds before everyone else, ensuring that you don’t get screwed over when the lines jump on other sites before you even have a chance to bet on them.

Now that you know what Sportsbooks to do your betting on, it’s time to inform you about how to win big betting on the NFL. If you are serious about winning, take the time to check out our NFL handicappers, they use the same odds you will find at these sportsbooks, plus they give their subscribers detailed analysis on each and every pick.