Football Handicappers

You have come to the right place for the best football handicappers in the world.  We have monitored football picks from nearly 50 of the top handicappers that you will find on the internet.  Whether it’s betting football or whether it’s trying to beat the football odds posted by linesmakers, the guys on our site simply get it done.  Below we have listed a few of the top handicappers in each sport.

College Football:

1.)  Steve Janus – This guy took down the 2008 College Football Title here at our site.  Not only did he win, but he ran away with it, profiting nearly double the units of the next closest handicapper.  Give his football betting system a try this fall as he tries to defend his title.

2.)  Mr. East – He is a big-game specialist who releases top play after top play.  East earned a fourth-place finish among the college football leaderboard in 2008.  This guy provides awesome analysis with every one of his selections, including his football free picks.  You will know why your money is being invested on each team.

3.)  John Martin – A third-place finish on the 2008 NCAA Football leaderboard was the result of another excellent year in the college gridiron from Mr. Martin.  This guy offers anaylsis with each play as well, and it skips the bull shit and gets straight to the point.  You will want to really load up on his 5 Unit Top Plays each week.


1.)  Black Widow – Back-to-back Top 5 finishes the past two seasons!  The Widow was the #3 Ranked NFL Handicapper in 2007 and the #4 Ranked NFL man in 2008.  He started this year with a 9-0 NFL record so he’s well on his way to another Top-5 finish in 2009.  Quality over quantity is his motto.

2.)  Jeff Alexander – You will consistently find this near the top of the NFL leaderboard year after year.  In fact, Alexander has finished in the Top-5 in four of the last five years.  Look out for his 5* Wiseguy Top Plays because these bad boys simply do not lose.

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