Football Betting

Nothing gets the blood flowing like football betting.  We all know it’s true, and we cannot wait to load our sportsbooks up when football season rolls around.  We all think we can beat the football odds every weekend, and if you are in that same boat then do your betting at  This is one of the most world-renowned books on the planet and you can count on your money being in a safe place with them.

To help you beat the books each week, we have several proven football handicappers chomping at the bit to give you their advice.  If you like college football betting, then check out the leaderboard for this particular sport to find the capper that best suits your budget with expert football picks at can’t-beat prices.  NFL betting is the most popular form of sports wagering in the world.  This sport just gets the blood flowing more than normal.  Hard hits, big plays and tight games are a staple when it comes to NFL betting, so you can see why folks get so excited to place their wagers in pro football.  To give you a head start on your man, we have provided a football betting system tool that can help you in both pro and college football.

Check back each week for free football picks that can help you on the college gridiron.  The great thing about betting on college football is that you know these kids are playing for pride, not for money.  So fewer letdowns are expected, which makes it easier to predict the outcome of games.  The tough part about NCAA football wagering is that some of the spreads are set so high that motivation becomes a factor at the end of games, when big underdogs can get backdoor covers.  That’s why you should stick to the smaller spreads in college football and take your chances there, though we’re not saying to completely stay away from the bigger lines because you can also find value in them from time to time.  Let our college football handicappers show you where the value is each weekend.