CBS NFL Football Picks

If you haven’t seen the CBS NFL football picks then you could be missing out on a valuable resource to help you with your NFL football betting. The staff over there at SportsLine is one of the few places that factors in the spread when making their selections, actively helping guys beat the NFL football betting odds each week of the season.

The CBS NFL football picks are also posted by Thursday, so you can get in early if you find a favorite and want to jump on his bandwagon for the week. You will see every game listed along with picks from the Harmon Forecast, Pete Prisco and Clark Judge, who are senior writers over there at SportsLine, Greg Bromber, who is a production manager, Ron Davis, a producer, and Dave Richard who is a senior Fantasy writer. They also have posted their records from post-seasons and regular seasons dating back to 2003 when there were only three of them posting picks.

As you can see just because somebody covers sports doesn’t mean that they know how to pick winners as covering the spread is a totally different animal than just generating excitement and reporting what you saw on the field. Another thing you should note is that if you pick every single game like these guys do then it’s very difficult to hit at a high percentage. These are just some of the tips we try to tell everyone who doesn’t know how to bet on football.

You can find the CBS NFL Football Picks here.