NFL Handicappers

There is a lot that goes into being successful when it comes to NFL wagering, and many of our top handicappers have broken down the game into a system that has provided them consistent winners not only each and every week, but season after season. With our NFL handicappers you don’t just get a guy […]

College Football Betting

Tired of making small wagers with your friends on who you think is going to win? Now is the perfect time to take your college football betting online, and to help you do that I have provided our highest rated sportsbooks. There are a lot sportsbooks out there, but these are the ones you want […]

College Football Handicappers

The search is over, you no longer need to roam the internet to try and find the best college football handicappers in the business. We do our best to bring the best to us, and that is why our costumers keep coming back each season. Our football handicappers not only ensure that you get the […]

Key Numbers for College Football Betting

If you have spent some time wagering on college football in the past, you know by now that the oddsmakers are pretty good at their job, and more times than not they are pretty darn close with their college football spreads. This makes it very difficult to consistently stay on top when betting by yourself. […]

Key Numbers for NFL Betting

If you have bet on the NFL, you know it’s not as easy as one might think when it comes to correctly picking games. Because the NFL is so competitive from top to bottom, you see so many games come down to the wire, and NFL oddsmakers have gotten very good at putting the NFL […]

College Football Betting Strategies

Successfully betting on college football week in and week out is no easy task, especially if you are trying to pick games on your own. There is a lot more that goes into betting on a game than just who has played better up to that point. You have to look at who the teams […]

College Football Betting Tips

If you’ve found this page it’s very likely that you are looking to increase your winning percentage with your college football picks.  We’ve compiled a great list of college football betting tips for you hear to help you achieve that goal.  Keep in mind that this is a relatively short list.  These are some ways […]

NFL Betting Advice

You’ve come to the right place for some expert NFL betting advice.  In addition to this article we also have an excellent selection of NFL picks from the best handicappers on the planet.  With this combined knowledge you will be on your way to beating the NFL football odds in no time.  Here is some […]

NFL Betting Strategies

Making your own NFL picks seems like a pretty easy task, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth.  The NFL is routinely the most difficult sport to handicap.  There are several reasons for this.  Because it is the most watched sport in the United States NFL odds makers set extremely tight lines.  […]

NFL Betting Tips

The most powerful tool you can have when doing any NFL betting is experience.  We know that not everyone has the time to spend studying statistics and player match ups and weather reports.  Our handicappers do have the time for that and their NFL picks are well worth the money if you are looking to […]