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We've reached the home stretch of what has been another exciting & profitable year. 

The year is far from over though & Ben Burns has every intention of closing it out with another winning streak

*JETS/BILLS* Burns' 10* Divisional Super Play!

As you're likely aware, we've got TWO Monday Night football games going this week. Off a PERFECT 6-0 Sunday (5-0 NFL, 1-0 NHL) and also a PERFECT 6-0 with his NFL plays for the week, Ben Burns is stepping out with BIG plays on both games. Needless to say, given Ben's nearly two decades of primetime dominance, you want him in your corner tonight!

*This package includes 1 NFL pick

Burns' 10* BEST BET

While his “Personal Favorite” represents his highest rated “chalk” selection, Ben Burns’ “Best Bet” represents his highest rated underdog OR pick ’em (can be a total) release. Add his latest to your card right now. You’ll be glad you did!

*This package includes 1 NBA pick

Burns' 10* TV MAIN EVENT!

Don't wait. Get down right now on Ben Burns' 10* TV MAIN EVENT! 

*This package includes 1 NFL pick

Ben Burns One Week All-Inclusive!

Ben Burns is among the most respected handicappers in the world and he's ON ABSOLUTE FIRE to start 2014. Here's your chance to get ALL his picks for an entire week. 100% GUARANTEED!

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365 days All Sports subscription of Ben Burns

You'll learn how the pros make a living via sports betting with EVERY PLAY released over the next 365 days. We are so sure we'll profit that we GUARANTEE it with another YEARLY package if we don't end the season showing you a profit.

*This subscription includes 3 Picks (1 NBA, 2 NFL)

NFL & CFB Season Pass of Ben Burns

Get EVERY football selection made by this handicapper for the ENTIRE season! Don't miss out on a single college football or NFL pick released this year for ONE LOW PRICE!

*This subscription includes 2 NFL picks

Handicapper Ben Burns has been analyzing sports and looking at football odds most all of his life, but he is now beginning his tenth year of offering his football picks open to the general public. During that span he has escalated to the pinnacle of the industry and is now one of the most prosperous and respectable names in the industry.

Burns has seen national attention for his umpteen season titles in all sports. His NFL expert picks rank him #1 at a couple of of the leading sports monitors and his record in the sport will most likely never be beaten by another service. While he does go through peaks and valleys like every different handicapper in the industry, you'll invariably see him telling it like it is. However, you'll see his umpteen winning stretches outnumbering his few brief losing streaks. If you take a look at his numbers over long haul then we have no doubt you will be taken back by the cash that he racks up for members.

If you like totals, then you really need to see which over/under plays he's taking each day. Don't take this to mean he's only a totals guy, since he easily beats the football odds, basketball lines, and baseball betting odds for sides as well. And, if you like big games then there is nobody better at finding the tough victors on national televised matchups.

Last year his college football picks were very flourishing, and he ended his season in a 41-10 rout by taking the Bulldogs over Hawaii for his Game of the Year. If you want to lay heavy action on the Super Bowl, then his picks on the game are now 10-1 over his life history. However, Ben doesn't just center on football, his baseball, NCAA basketball, and NBA picks are all very lucrative and win members loads of money.

There aren't a lot of handicappers that can put the hard work in that Ben can and his effort shows with the lengthy, in-depth writeups that he puts out with his plays, and the exceedingly high win-rate that his picks accomplish. If you want one of the hardest-working handicapping services in the industry who has a documented history of winning to help you with your football betting, give Ben a try and we know that you'll realize that you have found a winner!